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This is a killer upperbody kettelbell flow workout. Start with a heavier weight and drop down in weight as you become fatigued, try to do 5-mins without stopping. Have a 60-second rest then do the other side. Then repeat. Here are the exercises; 1. Kettlebell clean 2. Kettlebell high pull 3. Kettlebell snatch 4. Kettlebell…

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Congratulations and well done to all of the awesome personal trainers that completed their Fit Level 1 Kettlebell certification in Adelaide today. Thank you to all those who attended, have an early night, sleep tight and I’ll see you first thing in the morning! If you’d like to enrol in our next Adelaide kettlebell…

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The kettlebell rack is an important position for kettlebell training and one I see so many people get wrong. It’s the mid-way point between overhead and the floor and a position we use for many exercises like the rack squat, rack lunge and where we initiate overhead pressing movements. We need to keep the shoulder…

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A fantastic day in Sydney today with a fabulous group of personal trainers from all over NSW. Well done and congratulations on completing your Fit Level 1 Kettlebell Certification. I can’t wait to see you back tomorrow for the level 2 course, see you in the morning! If you would like to register for…

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Great to run a kettlebell course in my home town on the Sunshine Coast today, thank you O2 Performance for hosting us. Well done to all these amazing fitness trainers that passed their Fit Level 1 Kettlebell Certification. I look forward to seeing many of you back tomorrow for the level 2 course! If…

Swing Squat

Steel Club Swing Squat

I love this clubbell movement, it combines the hip dominant movement of the swing with the quad dominant movement of the squat…. plus it hits the core and shoulders hard too! P.S. Want to discover more about clubbell training? Check out our steel club certification course.

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Kettlebell Full Body Flow

  Stay on 1 arm for 10-minutes, start at 1 rep and add 1 rep to each set. Have a 60 second rest, repeat on other arm. The Workout; 1. Clean & Press 2. Snatch 3. Rack Squat 4. Swing 5. Windmill Enjoy 🙂 Want to learn more about kettlebell training? Enrol in our…