I’ve started to train select clients with Clubs, and Mace work. It’s so good to include these new skills in what I have to offer as a personal trainer.
We’re incorporating some fundamental movements into programming. The clients love it – partially because it’s something different and because, well, it’s also slightly dangerous. No pun intended :).
In all seriousness, they can see the benefits with the challenges of offset and hip hinge type movements. I’m hoping they love it mainly because I’m so enthusiastic about the benefits I’ve personally experienced:
  • My grip strength has exponentially increased.
  • My mid/upper back and shoulders are stronger (which was what interested me in this type of movement in the first place)
  • Much more aware of activating supporting upper and lower body muscles before lifting, swinging, or moving anything unstable above my head.
I could go on further, but in summary these courses have been invaluable – thanks again.